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Want to learn how to do your own PR and super speed clients from strangers to

"OMG I need to work with you"?


Become the go-to expert in your field?

Be approached for your thoughts by top tier media on the regular?

Be invited to speak on podcasts, panels and at world-class speaking events?

Start creating a bigger impact?

Have sold-out launches and ultimately make the money you know you're capable of?

The Scoop VIP Membership will show you how to:

  • Master your media outreach so¬†that¬†getting featured in magazines, newspapers, podcasts and everything in between feel so effortless you could do it in your sleep.
  • Build a reputation that sells itself - even when you're not working - and get more people purchasing from you faster.
  • Become your industry's no 1 expert, impact thousands more lives and build the kind of purpose that fills you with pride and has you excited for each new day.

The Scoop VIP Membership is:

An elite menu of courses, resources, intimate Q+As, supportive calls and databases that give you the tools, drive and support you need to land features in world-famous magazines and newspapers, as well as speaking opportunities on podcasts, radio and TV shows, radio shows.


Want to learn how to land dream publicity in as little as 7 days?


Have journalists coming to you for your expert commentary?

Have dream media landing on your doorstep daily?

Start building your name in the press fast?

Start building trust with your audience?

Quick Media Wins will teach you:

  • The plug-and-play system that makes getting featured in magazines, newspapers, podcasts feel so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.
  • How to land dream media publicity in as little as 7 days
  • How to start seeing your name in the media, being able to share that with your audience and super speed the trust in you, your brand and your product
  • How to transform those media wins into direct sales

Quick Media Wins is:

Easy-to-action proven tools to land quick media features with world-famous magazines, newspapers, TV and podcasts without long pitches, relationship building or hiring PR, so that you can build the kind of reputation that leads to sold out offers and ideal clients actually seeking YOU out (the dream!).


 Looking to give your current messaging and publicity efforts a facelift?


Already an established business with experience of using PR?

Feel like the media results you're achieving aren't as impactful, lucrative or on-brand as you know they could be? 

Wish you were getting a better ROI for your PR spend, whether in house or external?

In our group workshops and talks, we can help your team:

  • Refocus your media message and strategy, to be more in alignment with your brand values and goals.
  • Refresh your media outreach skillset, so that you know the efforts you make actually¬†work today.
  • Teach you exactly what journalists are looking for in today's media climate and how to build meaningful relationships with the media.
  • Craft a media message that will move your audience to engage with and buy from you.

More on our workshops and talks:

Having delivered workshops and talks to organisations such as Columbia Business School, Allbright and Home Grown Members' Clubs, Bianca and Grace have a knack for crafting their expertise and experience into the perfect package for your organisation. These can be delivered virtually or in person and are focused on providing tangible, actionable value. No fluff or stuffy corporate hyperbole over here.  


Ready to supercharge your media results?


Create a media message so potent that your next level audience will be hooked and thinking, 'that's the leader for me'?

Get the eyes of two long-time media experts on your business and create a strategy that collapses your timeline to household name status?

On the call:
  • You'll get¬†90 uninterrupted minutes with a Forbes, Vogue and BBC journalist AND a PR with over 10 years' experience to solely focus on your personalised media plan.¬†
  • We can help you hone your overall marketing message into one that moves people to work with you.¬†
  • We can translate the marketing message you've honed into a story so sensational the media will JUMP at it.¬† ¬†
  • We can create your tailor-made media action plan (this can include magazines, newspapers, podcasts, speaking gigs - whatever your media related goal is) so that you can hit the ground running as you start your publicity work.
  • We can compile a personalised media calendar (so you know which special dates you need to plan for and what you‚Äôre going to pitch for them)
  • We can compile a list of media title recommendations specific to you in your niche
  • Work through publicity tools you need to make this the year your business transforms into a MOVEMENT
  • Plus, you have permission to record, so you can watch back as many times as you need to

The Scoop is for the

entrepreneur, business owner, 

creative, coach, expert, mentor who is ready to


level up their business 

gain life changing press 

ultimately make more money 


Whatever your niche, whatever your expertise, whatever your business.