How to pitch to be featured on the news


Last week, we talked about how having an affiliate program is crucial in today's media landscape if you’re a product based business and want to secure regular features in the shopping sections of major publications. However, today, we're switching gears to focus on another powerful avenue: being interviewed as an expert on the news.

The reason? A couple of weeks ago, I was approached to be interviewed as a voice in the gender equity space and though I was terrified at the prospect, I took the leap and went for it anyway. 

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll go over how to prepare for these segments as well as why they can be a massive win for your business, but for now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to pitch for such a slot. 

Here are five indispensable tips for acing your expert pitch on the news:

Understand the show's format and audience

Research the morning or evening news program you're targeting. Get familiar with their format, tone, and the demographics of their viewers. Tailor your pitch to align with their audience's interests and the show's overall style.

Craft a concise and compelling pitch

When pitching for live news features, brevity is key. Craft a concise pitch that clearly outlines your expertise, the relevance of your topic, and the value you can provide to the viewers. Make it attention-grabbing and intriguing, capturing the producer's interest from the very first line.

Showcase your on-camera presence

Live news appearances require a confident and engaging presence. Demonstrate your ability to articulate your message effectively and present yourself as a knowledgeable and engaging expert. Consider including links to any previous media appearances or video clips showcasing your on-camera skills.

Offer timely and relevant topics

News programs thrive on current and relevant content. Keep your finger on the pulse of trending topics and breaking news within your industry. Craft pitches that tie into timely events or provide valuable insights related to ongoing conversations.

Prepare for an interview

If your pitch gets accepted, thorough preparation is crucial. Familiarise yourself with the show's hosts and their interview style. Anticipate potential questions and prepare concise, informative answers. Practice speaking clearly and concisely, ensuring your key points shine through in a live setting.