How to get out of freeze mode and take action

Cold frozen icicles in winter

One of the things I hear time and again from The Scoop members is that they find it hard to take action - they know how much media coverage will help their businesses, but they just keep putting off getting started.

Here are a few tricks you can try to get out of that freeze mode and step into action.

Stop putting media on a pedestal

This is often the biggest hurdle. People have dream media features they’d love to land and they get so wrapped up in the idea of ‘that’ll never happen for me and my business’ that they don’t even start. The only way to guarantee that something won’t happen for you is to not even try. When you remember that journalists are just people and they need great stories to share with their audiences, you can begin to see media for what it is - another amazing tool you have in your arsenal to reach the clients who really need you.

Remember your potential clients

Speaking of which… a great way to get moving is to remember that there are thousands, if not millions of potential clients or customers out there who need your products and services. The trouble is, they’re not going to find you if you never market your business in the media. Bring them to mind whenever you have doubts about pitching - you’re doing this for them as much as you are for yourself.

Break it down into small tasks

So often, we put off doing tasks we know will be helpful to us because we’re afraid of the amount of work it’s going to take to achieve the goal. Instead of thinking, ‘oh god, I’ve got to send out 5 pitches to 5 journalists that I haven’t even researched yet’ just start with the first step. Every week I share that checklist with you - choose one task from there that feels like a feasible place to start. And give yourself a time limit - you could achieve so much in this area in just 15 minutes a day.

Envision your success

Think of how good it’s going to feel when you get that YES from a big time editor. Think of how amazing it’ll feel when your brand gets featured in your dream title. Really spend time letting yourself envision being successful and let that drive you towards taking action.