How to get on a journalist's radar (in a way that doesn't feel gross)


So. Getting on a journalist’s radar. As always, I like to get straight to the point.

Once you’ve found your journalist on social media, these are my dos and don’ts.

Do follow them

Once you’ve found them, give them a follow! This will mean they get a little notification - the first step to getting your name on their radar.

Do look for a post that feels suitable to engage with 

Take a look through their feed and find something that feels relevant to engage with - have they shared their latest work? Talked about their job or hobbies? See what interests you and give it a like.

Don't just engage with anything and everything 

It’s always a bit weird when you open your instagram and see that a new follower has liked your last 20 posts, isn’t it? Don’t feel pressured to do that - just aim for quality of engagement over quantity.

Do leave thoughtful comments 

The comments that we remember the most and that we really want to engage with are specific and authentic. If you’re leaving a comment on a post of a recent article they’ve written, tell them exactly what you loved about it or what you learnt from it - journalists love praise as much as anyone, so don’t be afraid to share it.

... But don't go overboard 

Be kind, be positive but keep it genuine. Journalist’s would rather receive one thoughtful comment on their work than ten gushing ‘you’re the best person EVER!’ ones any day.

Do engage semi-regularly

You don’t need to like and comment on everything that they share, just the things that truly resonate or that are thought provoking for you - this is more of an 800m race than a 100m sprint, so aim to check in on their page and engage once a week.

Don't slide into their DMs

Unless a journalist explicitly asks you to direct message them, keep your engagement to their feed. If you want to pitch? Email only. Never a DM (unless explicitly asked!).

Do make sure your own social media is professional 

Does your bio explain clearly and precisely who you are, what you do and how people can reach you? If you’re engaging with journalists, you want to make sure you have these boxes ticked as they might just come looking.

Don't be afraid! 

Journalists LOVE it when people engage authentically with their work, so don’t be afraid to engage with them! Remember, they’re just people who have pain, hopes and dreams the same as you.