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The Scoop's origin story... 

I’m Bianca Barratt - a journalist on a mission to demystify the media for business owners such as yourself. 

My purpose as a storyteller is to write about the glorious mess of being human and help people feel less alone. My job is to write stories for the media. This includes being a culture and lifestyle features writer for titles such as The Sunday Times, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, BBC and the Evening Standard, as well as being a Senior Contributor to Forbes.

As a journalist, I get asked all the time by creatives and business owners about how they can get themselves into the media. It’s one of, if not the most, effective ways to bring visibility, credibility and - crucially - customers and their money to your brand.

The trouble is, for most people, access to this information costs thousands of dollars a month in the form of PR - something that’s just out of the question for most small businesses, particularly at the start.

But why should that mean you don’t get to take a crack at it? Why should that mean your stories, your expertise and your businesses remain hidden from the world?

The short and sweet answer is… it shouldn’t.

That’s why I started The Scoop. - the first membership of its kind. Here, you’ll be learning from the people on the other side of those pitches - the journalists and editors - exactly what you need to do to get yourself into major media outlets so that you can build your profile and, ultimately, earn more money.