The Scoop's origin story. . .

Hi, I'm Bianca...


If I were looking to get the world's attention on my business, I'd follow the steps I teach in The Scoop.

As a journalist (I'm a writer for VOGUE, Courier, The Sunday Times, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, BBC and the Evening Standard, as well as being a Senior Contributor to Forbes and speaking as a guest expert on places such as Sky News, Columbia Business School and Allbright Members' Club), I get asked all the time by creatives and business owners how they can get themselves into the media. It’s one of, if not the most, effective ways to scale, build a movement and bring visibility, credibility and - crucially - customers and their money to your brand.

You don't need to spend thousands a month on PR to reap the benefits that media bring to business - if you learn the skills, you can keep your outreach in house - forever.

And the irony? Most journalists prefer to hear directly from the source, anyway.

If you're looking for alternatives to spending upwards of £50,000 a year on PR or want to make that investment work harder fro your business, you're in the right place. 

That’s why I created The Scoop - here, you’ll be learning from the professionals - journalists, editors and trained PRs - exactly what you need to do to get yourself into major media outlets so that you can build your profile and, ultimately, earn more money.

Meet my team of media experts


Hi, I'm Grace...


Having started my first PR business over a decade ago, I bring my first hand experience of the ever developing world of PR, media and publicity directly to my audience.

When people learn what I do, I usually hear the same stories - either of having worked with PR companies in the past that charged them huge sums of money and didn’t create the results that were promised, or wanting to get media coverage but feeling like it wasn’t a cost they could justify at their current business stage. I always get the same question that follows this conversation - 'how can I achieve better results?! I haven’t got the time, or the contacts to do my own PR and I wouldn’t even know where to begin!'

If you’ve asked these questions to yourself or a PR that you know, then you’re in the right place at The Scoop! Over the last 10 years, I've fine tuned my techniques to make getting into publications like VOGUE, The Times, Elle, Red, Tatler and Forbes, on to podcasts and radio shows fool proof as well as time saving. I’d rather teach you how to do it for a fraction of the cost, than see you go to a PR agency whose going to charge you thousands a month to do exactly what you can do - and probably with less passion. 

I know that the techniques we're going to teach you work because I’ve used them myself to land press for my clients in The Telegraph, GQ, Stylist, Marie Claire and many many more. Combine that with Bianca’s knowledge as a top tier journalist - and you have everything you need to succeed!